Rats Don’t Get Depression – Do They?

Can you be against animal testing while pharmacologically stupefied? The thought struck me this morning as I noted during my daily dosing that I need to restock my cruelty-free supplements, which means a bus trip to a specific health store.

I guess some people would call my activities hypocritical. I eat meat. I wear leather shoes. I don’t try to convince my friends to adopt my way of thinking. I won’t wear fur however, and I try to buy only cosmetics and household products made by reputable cruelty-free companies. This is not the post to get on my “why the Body Shop is especially evil” soapbox, but anyone who’s ever mentioned them to me has never made the mistake twice! I am generally pretty happy with where I sit on the food chain but that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that the animals we use for human gain shouldn’t be treated with dignity and without pain and suffering.

However, as my daily survival depends entirely on an industry not know for it’s animal loving ways, I find myself in somewhat of a moral dilemma. The pharmaceutical companies to which I owe my mental stability are not generally commended for lulling baby rabbits to sleep while gently apply exploratory ointment to their ears. Or for providing tasty treats to rats who have been dosed, ever so gently and with full informed consent, with high levels of anti-psychotics.

Are my mental health problems making me a hypocritical, animal-torturer?

Rats Don’t Get Depression – Do They?

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