Reaction to Dr Phil…..

Dr Phil….we let you pass your TV psychobabble off as “psychology” but now you’ve gone too far. If you think we “suck on rocks and bark at the moon” imagine the reaction you’re gonna get when you insult us on daytime TV!

Reaction to Dr Phil…..

2 thoughts on “Reaction to Dr Phil…..

  1. Yikes – his words are so hurtful. I don’t know how on earth he has been on the air so long and why people would ever take his message to heart – so often he just seems to be loud and mean. Hardly a healing stance in my opinion.


    1. I don’t want to go down to his level by slinging mud, but anytime I see him walk off at the end with his arm round his wife I wonder what he’s really like to be married to. I’d not be surprised if she did an exposé sometime!


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