Be A Survivor!

This is really raw and describes depression so well.



It has been on my mind quite a bit of late.

I have been talking to fellow sufferers, although I do hate that word, sufferer.

Whether you are deep in the midst of a depressive episode, or have come out the other side, I believe we are depression survivors, not sufferers.

Don’t get me wrong, when depression hits us, we do suffer.

It is a shockingly painful and debilitating illness.

It is not a matter of simply pulling oneself together.

It is not a matter of simply being sad.

I can only speak of my experience, and perhaps others people’s are very different, but for me it was a dark, confusing time, where the act of making myself get up and get dressed felt like too difficult a task some days.

I used to describe it as brain fog.

Fellow women readers, think the world’s worst…

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Be A Survivor!

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